Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back With A Vengance!

For the last two months I have passed on posting - but it was not my decision.
I was temporarily evicted from my home - and forced to give up many of my 21st century luxuries including internet, tv, and a working stove.
So there are a slew of blog entries i have many need to be updated and im sure a few won't be good enough in my eyes now to post - but i will be working on putting a few up in the next few days - starting with the newest one - just two intresting news stories.

New Jersey Sucking the Fun Out of Summer

Residents in Belmar (about halfway between Manhattan and Atlantic City) are taking some fun out of the summer season by banning beer pong outside.
The borough council has banned all outdoor games involving alcohol.
The so-called "Beer Pong" ordinance, which goes into effect August 17th, prohibits alcohol-related games or contests on porches, decks, lawns, front and side yards, or anywhere that can be viewed by the public and neighbors.
Fines begin at $100 for a first offense.
Summer renters to the shore community were also fined for playing Whiffle Ball in the street.
If i was there i would play drinking games with kool-aid just to stick it to the man.

Lawsuit Challenges Copyright But May Stop Sucky Movie From Being Made
Can you copyright Zorro? That is the question film makers are asking a judge to answer. Sobini Films claims it owns the rights to a 19-19 book "The Curse of Capistrano," in which the character of Zorro first appears.
Sobini says it wants to take the classic tale and the classic crusader and use it to make a futuristic move called "Zorro 2110."
Sony which produced the 1998 film "The Mask of Zorro" issued a cease and desist letter - saying they owned Zorro and all of the exclusive rights to develop and distribute all films and TV programs based on "Zorro."
Now Sobini is suing.
I am all for challenging copyrights - especially with a classic character such as Zorro - plus looking at trailers and promo's for Sony's new Zorro film - I feel the rights should be stripped away and the producers whipped silly.
However - Sobini's idea of giving Zorro a futuristic spin? I think the judge should rule in favor of Sony just from keeping that crappy ass film from ever seeing celluloid.


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