Tuesday, August 23, 2005

“I Stole Sheriff but I did not steal from the Deputy!”

This is one of my favorite stories that has come across the line in the last few months, so I figured I would share it with you.
Madison County Sheriff reports a deputy inadvertently found his stolen gas grill will trying to arrest a man on an unrelated burglary charge.
The event started just before six in the morning Saturday in the town of Fenner. Deputies reported to a call of a man lying in the roadway. When they arrived they found not a dead body but a man extremely under the influence sleeping in the road. Deputies woke him up and took him home. After taking him home deputies found out he had an outstanding warrant against him for Burglary Charges. So Deputies returned to the man’s home, helped by a Deputy from a neighboring county. While on the suspect’s porch the Deputy saw his OWN gas grill that had been stolen from his home last month. So the Deputy finds his grill just in time for the end of summer right? It sounds like a happy ending but not quite. The Sheriff reports the Deputy still doesn’t have his stolen grill because, “the grill is now sitting in a Sheriff’s Office evidence room pending final disposition of the criminal charges against the suspect.”
So it seems the system even screws people in the system.


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