Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Good News

So often in the news business we are the bearers of bad news. We bring reports of deaths, accidents, and war. We often highlight the worst of humanity, the rapes, the assaults, and the murders. We bring you the psychos, pederasts, and pedophiles. Yet sometimes the news can do something special, it can inspire, and create a moment that can stand alone as a sign of goodness in a world the media often portrays as bleak at best. Last week before the thanksgiving Holiday one such incident happened. 23-year-old Marine Corporal Bill Kilian has been in Iraq for the past three months. He hasn’t been able to speak to his family in all of that time. A satellite company was making him available to news stations to talk about spending a holiday overseas. We took this interview that could have easily turned into propaganda for the war machine and turned it into a reunion. We brought his father and grandmother into the studio and let them talk via satellite link up. When Kilian found out it was his father talking to him from half a world away his jaw literally dropped. See for you self here Marine Reunion. It was a moment that could only have been captured on television thanks to technology. So often we see the horrors that can be captured on television it was amazing to see one of those stories that break the trend.


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