Saturday, March 18, 2006

Happy Anniversary and Many More or Stupid War

So it has been three years since American troop returned to Iraq. Much has changed, Saddam is on trial, there were two sets of votes, and a new inclusive government is getting ready to select leaders of the country. Yet American troops continue to return in flag draped coffins, car bombs and motor attacks still rip through Iraqi communities, and peace still seems almost impossible. On Saturday the President said there would be more bloodshed before the war in Iraq comes to an end. In his weekly radio address, President Bush defended the administration's record in Iraq, saying that the country's decision to depose the regime of Saddam Hussein was "a difficult decision—and it was the right decision." He pledged to "finish the mission" despite calls for withdrawal. Is life better for the Iraqi people? They no longer have a corrupt leader who would kill the people who oppose him. Yet they live in fear – a world where the simplest daily activities have become a life or death situation. A car idling in a market is it packed with explosives or deliveries to be made through the market? The President cites high voter turnouts, as proof democracy is something people want. However to look at the new Hamas controlled Palestinian legislature Democracy doesn’t always mean freedom. But despite being full of Israel hating terrorists the Hamas government is taking shape rather quickly. Democracy on the march, like it or not.

Meanwhile across the globe people of all races and creeds rallied against the United States. Protesters in London chanted, “U.S. go home,” as they marched. Yet only a thousand people showed up in New York’s Times Square to protest. It was a much smaller protest than the large-scale marches that preceded the war three years ago. So smaller protests despite lower public support for the war and way lower approval ratings for the President. The marches today were also not dominated by the war. Most protesters targeted Mr. Bush, his response to Katrina, jobs, welfare and big business. The protest wasn’t even the central message though it was the inspiration. A thousand voices each with a different message - and yet nothing is getting done. The protests haven’t brought home a single troop, or changed a public policy, or even stopped the possibility that America will invade Iran to stop them from gaining nuclear weapons. Here is what I know – a generation is growing up with war in front of them again. I have friends who graduated High School and went overseas to serve. We talk to the families and friends about 20 year olds who will never get to drink a beer legally in America. After Afghanistan, Iraq and eventually Iran there will be few countries in the Middle East we haven’t invaded in the last decade. Almost all of the countries that we haven’t invaded are considered allies and still have some level of American Troops. Three Years of war costing us thousands of American lives, billions of American dollars, and split this country. Despite his leadership role during 9-11 Bush will be remembered as a war time president, one who put this country hundreds of billions in the red, and left citizens to after Katrina. No matter what happens the situation in Iraq won’t be solved before he leaves office. There will still be violence, still be bloodshed. Even if American troops leave the country – streets will still be stained by blood of citizens. There should be no ‘cut and run’ but there should be a solution. Something I don’t see coming anytime soon and something I don’t think either political party has. Just like a birthday this anniversary seems to have the under lying message – one more year.


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