Monday, March 20, 2006

Rushing Home – Or You Would Have Done The Same

When it comes to the news there are several types of stories. There depressing stories, feature stories, uplifting stories, and every once in a while a generally funny story.

This is a rare funny story that sounds more important than it really is. We get a press release from the local Sheriff’s department about a “Vehicle and Traffic Arrest for Unauthorized Use of Emergency Equipment.” So we think someone stole a fire truck, or ambulance, or event better a cop car. Not the case. Here’s what happened. Sheriff Rob Outhouse reports that at 5:30 PM Wednesday one of his Detectives while en-route home from his daily shift observed an Ambulance with lights and sirens speeding down Route 31. The ambulance was passing vehicles appropriately yielding to the emergency lights and sirens. The Detective wasn’t aware of any Ambulance calls in that area and continued to pursue the Ambulance to help with the emergency situation. The Ambulance made it to a residence at 2719 Bell Street in the Village of Weedsport. There he talked to 20 year old driver. He found out there was no emergency the driver was just trying to get home quicker. He was arrested and charged for the following Vehicle and traffic infractions: Unauthorized Siren, Unauthorized Red Lights, Unsafe Passing, and Reckless Driving. The kid worked for the “TRAC team” which is a voulenteer ambulance service. The vehicle is normally used to transport persons in need and to pick up charitable donations. He was operating the vehicle with permission of his employer. Sheriff Outhouse says “Untrained persons operating emergency equipment in this manner is certainly a safety risk. We are requesting that anyone with similar sightings contact the Sheriff’s Office.”

But lets be honest after a long day when you really just want to get home, wouldn’t you use your sirens on your car to get home a little quicker? Let me know. I know I would.


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