Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Naked Man – or - One Hell of a Last Day

In my two years working at the news desk at WTVH in Syracuse I have seen a slew of tragic, inspirational and just plain stupid stories. So on my last day at work why should it be any different?

It was just before six o’clock on Sunday – when the scanners crackled to life with a 911 call about a man running naked around the University Area. That may not even be the most interesting part.

The whole case started around 2:30 Saturday morning. Rashon Delee decided to break into his ex-girlfriends house. She has an order of protection against him, so you can imagine it was not a friendly visit. According to Police DeLee climbed through the window and attacked his ex. She had armed her self with a kitchen knife when he came in. As he started choking her she stabbed him with the knife in self defense. He takes that as his cue to leave and takes off. She calls police who can’t find him though he is bleeding pretty badly. Five hours later Delee shows up at a local hospital looking for help. He gets admitted and arrested and arraigned in hospital. It looks like case closed.

Till about ten hours later.

Just before six Delee rips out an intravenous drip, monitors and a chest tube throws his hospital gown in a deputy’s face and bolted from a hospital bathroom into the street. Running through the hospital with a collapsed lung naked and handcuffed he manages to make it out of the hospital. Delee’s father, and the deputy who had been guarding him, slipped on the blood he left behind.

Then Delee naked and bleeding manages to avoid authorities for three hours. Police say he spent two hours of that naked in a trash bin behind a local restaurant.

He was eventually arrested at a relatives house wearing clothes. Not to bad for a last day.


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