Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Seaford, Syracuse, Sacramento or Hello from the City of Trees

So for the third time in my life I have said good-bye to everything I know packed up my car and hit the road. This time I wasn’t heading north to Syracuse or overseas to London. This time I headed West – following the setting sun to the Pacific Ocean.

With 1500 dollars in moving expenses my brother and me worked out way cross-country driving a few thousand miles each day. We stopped outside Great Bend Indiana, Excelsior Springs Missouri, Colorado, Las Vegas and Los Angeles and San Francisco before finally finishing up in California’s Capital.

So I finally have settled into my new apartment with my girl – and am slowly furnishing it and making the place into my new home. It’s a brand new building and was only finished a few months ago. Its great since no one ever lived here before us – but it also means that we get all of the bugs, acting up washer and dryer, ceiling fan, and lights. There is also all solid steel appliances, granite counter tops and title (not linoleum) in the kitchen and bathroom. Along with a great building we live in a great neighbor hood, it is right in midtown Sacramento – stumbling distance from most of the local bars, and clubs. A bunch of good restaurants in the neighboring blocks too.

The biggest difference between Sacramento and Syracuse is the weather. It’s always hot and sunny here so far, which has been mixed. While its nice to see the sun every day of the summer, the heat is almost unbearable. I did live through the worst heat wave in Sacramento history. 17 plus days of 100-degree heat. The worst part was that it didn’t cool off at night; often it was still 90 plus overnight. It was deadly too 151 people died in the heat wave. It was kind of like a reverse Syracuse, since all winter in Central New York we reported on the cold weather and people dying form the cold, here in Sacramento we reported on the heat and people dying because of the heat. It was the same story except they were cooling centers instead of heating centers.

So why did I give up the state I have lived in all my life, the city I have lived in the last six years? Two reasons the Girl was out here, and also my new job. My new job is a lot like my old job sort of. I am working for News 10 the ABC affiliate out here in Sacramento. I produce the first hour of a two-hour morning show Good Morning Sacramento. That means I work overnights, going in around 10:30 at night and finishing up around 7:30 in the morning. The principal anchors on the shows team has been together for years and has a huge fan following. Its crazy people call and e-mail about everything, clothes they wear comments made on air, everything really seems to matter to the viewing public. It’s a larger staff, and my show goes to a lot more people. We cover most of northern California from just outside the bay area to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. North and South our viewing area is bounded by three huge counties: Sacramento Stockton and Modesto. It’s the 19th largest market in the country to compare Syracuse was 73.

So that’s a quick up date on where I am right now. I just got Internet back so expect more posts more often.


Blogger Roch101 said...

"driving a few thousand miles each day."

Wow! That would be a sustained seed of at least 125 MPH/24 hours per day. Cool!

August 23, 2006 3:26 PM  
Blogger Trevor said...

Yes Its clear that I am either no good at math, or drive a rocket car.

August 23, 2006 10:15 PM  

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