Monday, October 09, 2006

The Hands That Rock the Keyboard

I am a famous actor, but you have never seen my face. On any give day you can see my work on a number of television stations, including some that run several times a day.

So who am I? I am the man behind the hands on the keyboard.

I am the hands that are videotaped with fingers clicking away on a keyboard for sexual predator stories. I am the man who provides the shots of the blurry computer with fingers clicking away trying to seduce underage kids into illicit sexual encounters. Anytime a news station does a story about a sexual predator on the computer they call me, and lately I have been getting a lot of work.

First this summer there were a number of under age MySpace stories that required my talents. Adults using the youth social site to meet kids then assault them. Though more of this work involved a mouse and that’s not really my main talent.

Then Dateline decided to continue its “To catch a Predator” series and again my digits were called in to action. It requires a slew of imaginary typing. Pretending to send messages to people and invite them over for sex only to be trapped by a camera crew and waiting police force.

But the real gold mine came last week when every station in the country was calling me to Washington for an emergency shoot to play the hands of disgraced Florida Congressman Foley. The number of times my hands were seen dramatically showing the sending illicit American Online instant messages and e-mails to underage House Pages was almost enough to finally let these hands push away from the keyboard.

But I am not in it for the money. I am in it for the art.

Don’t get me wrong I am not a one trick pony. Unlike most actors I have a range of talents, and over the years played a number of parts. I am best known for the black and white slightly slanted shots that twist around the blurry computer screen in the dark, my fingers seductively stroking the keys trying to lure kids or adults into taking advantage of one another that only scratches the surface of my work.

Recently the rise in computer crime has provided me with a steady stream of work. I have played the hands of a hacker, a diabolical set of hands craftily stealing people’s identities, or duping unsuspecting seniors out of thousands of dollars with phishing scams.

But I have done more than play the criminal, I was also the hands for a recent string of stories about You Tube and blogs, fueled by the film Snakes On a Plane, though I think I made more money then the film did in theaters.

But I digress most people know my ten fingers for their work connected to sexual perversion, and unfortunately sexual assault of often underage kids. So next time there is a movie of the week or a dateline piece on internet predators, think of my hands, and maybe when I am pretending to type dirty messages to 12 year old girls I will really be thinking about sending messages to you.


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